Auto Insurance Quote & Buy Application

Auto insurance quote & buy application

Auto Insurance Quote & Buy Application
The Fusion application quote review
Fusion Customer Journey
One of many Fusion journeys
Fusion technical blueprint
Fusion technical blueprint
Project Overview:
  • Agile methodology
  • AngularJS Web Application
  • Developed as 3-Phase MVP
  • User Flows & Service Blueprints
  • Wireframes to define content and interactions
  • Supported by a Robust Design System
  • UI leverages multi-step process for information gathering
  • Conducted User Testing to improve KPIs
  • Iterative Support

Fusion is the 3rd generation of Verti Insurance’s fully digital sales funnel (I iterated on generation 1 and lead UX on gen 2 & 3). The 3rd-gen application was created as a mobile first progressive web app built in AngularJS and leveraging a design system based on Google Material with a slew of custom components. Fusion breaks from the ‘long-form’ format typical of insurance quotes. Instead, I followed the research and opted for an intuitive multi-step process to reduce cognitive load. User effort is minimized by leveraging the browser’s auto-fill capabilities and 3rd party services to pre-fill known user data or potentially skip questions entirely. While designing the screens and flow I maintained focus on mitigating industry jargon and industry acronyms to minimize confusion and maximize confidence.

This PWA was developed with Agile methodologies and is supported with copious wireframes, prototypes and a robust design system. Further I have developed comprehensive customer journeys and service blueprints to democratize understanding of how the application works.

The Fusion application is supported by a robust design system, interactive customer journeys and a technical blueprint. This documentation helps teams understand the process, systems and goals of each touch point which facilitates much more productive conversations and iterations.