UX/CX AND EXPERIENTIAL DESIGN I have created many successful in-person and digital experiences. Each crafted to invoke action and followthrough. From the small-screen to the convention center floor — I have created experiences on many scales. MORE ON EXPERIENCES Strategic.
Result driven.
With understanding comes clarity. As a designer I find myself digging to understand a topic so that I can better solve a problem. Eventually I start to see the pieces in play and can find some clarity amongst them. With this clarity a path through the obstacles at hand can be plotted. I WANT CLARITY Author in thought A story teller
with a story.
Author in thought Like you,
I have a story too.
There's a lot more to somebody than what they do at work. We've all crawled/walked/wandered/ran ourselves to where we are. The commonality of life's experiences is a powerful thing. But on the flip side of the coin, we're all different in how we got to where we are. THE ORGIN STORY
Systems at scale EXPERIENTIAL DESIGN Turning Big spaces into HUGE results. Gateway '17 in Toronto I have been lucky to work on several multi-million dollar projects in my career. Gateway '17 for Alibaba was one of the largest. We created an international conference that brought the Chinese e-commerce market to North America. The design took months, it was built in under a week, and lasted a few days. For those that have worked on events, you know the rollercoaster and the rush is awesome. MORE PROJECTS RESUME
Leveraging a design thinking approach

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Every business needs to connect to customers. Understanding your customer’s experience from their point of view is key to getting better at appealing to them. I really enjoy digging deep to create highly interactive customer journey maps that make understanding users and their experiences easier than ever.


I follow the paradigm that brands are living things. Thus, they must evolve over time to stay relevant to consumers. Brands have an origin story, a past and present. Only some have a future. How a thing is seen by peers dictates’ its value and worth to them. Does your brand’s visual equity please and compel your customers?


Experiences come in many forms. I create in-person and digital experiences that deliver well crafted messages and invoke action and followthrough. From the small-screen to the convention center floor — I have created experiences of many types and scales.

Current Muse

Putting form to chaos

Distilling complex information into an understandable and user-focused output excites me. Over the years I've worked on increasingly complex design projects with increasingly larger business implications. I have become increasingly interested in creating intuitive, interactive customer journeys that are useful to the entire company — from the C-suite to those on the ground floor. This manifests via interactive customer journeys that start at a high-level 'executive view' illustrating broad KPI and ownership. From there we dive down to visualize the inputs, forks, details and documentation at the touch point level and then further to the service blueprint that underpins the product. If you're interested, I love talking shop.

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