hēRo3: Health Economics & Outcome Research application

hēRo3 example
hēRo3 uses a dashboard interface to input and manipulate data to create dynamic visuals.

Accelerating and Empowering HEOR

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Feature overview

Survival Model Functionality

hēRo3 is a revolutionary Health Economics & Outcome Research (HEOR) application that changes how Health economists are building and working with HEOR models.


Problem: A life sciences organization is developing a new cancer drug. As part of the process they need to build cost-effectiveness models. This means understanding efficacy, dosing and many other factors across various populations and variables.

Traditionally this would require a team of health-economists gathering disperse data to build a complex series of Excel files which would then be used for modeling in R. The process is cumbersome and plagued with errors and troubleshooting. Results take weeks or months to attain.


Solution: With hēRo3 teams are able to leverage an open-source modeling package in R and various ‘libraries’ like population data to quickly see results. Models can be shared across teams and built/viewed securely on the web.


Results: Over a dozen companies now rely on hēRo3 including the independent watchdog group for drug pricing in the US, the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER). By leveraging open-source packages and libraries users are able to see results in days instead of weeks or months. The time and costs of bringing a drug to market have been reduced thanks to Policy Analysis Inc’s hēRo3 application.

My role in this project:

UX Lead

  • Information architecture
  • User flows
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • User Interface
  • QA Testing

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